Addressing the Unique Computer Challenges and Privacy Concerns at Law Firms
No one has time for a short recess when it comes to IT. Your team has client obligations that can’t wait. Let Gigateks handle the technology side of the business, and stay focused on what matters most – your clients.

Gigateks works with Albuquerque Law Firms to provide industry-specific technological solutions and services.

  • Supports – Receive ongoing support to maintain productivity and allow Attorneys to focus on their profession.
  • Security – Gigateks focuses on your computer security. This can include everything from anitivirus/firewall to DNS security.
At Gigateks, our approach is proactive. We provide 24/7 monitoring, iron-clad security, and industry specific software to tackle all of your IT service needs.

Law Firm Specific Software

  • Practice Management Software
  • Time & Billing Software
  • Productivity Software


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