Albuquerque’s Most Trusted Apple & Mac Repair Services


Gigateks is the definitive choice when it comes to service, repair, and support for all your apple devices including Macbooks, iMacs, iPhones, iPads, Time Capsules and almost anything else with a shiny fruit logo.

Locally Owned

We offer independent computer repair services and follow all rules and regulations set fourth by Apple Inc. This makes us an excellent choice for Mac repairs like screen replacements, liquid damage, hard drive issues and more. All at a fraction of the price you would pay at the Apple store. Our technicians also provide support for Windows and other third party software applications, network support, and professional data recovery services; which Apple Stores or other Apple repair shops don’t provide.

Mac & Apple Specialists

Our technicians have over 35+ combined years of experience in working with Apple hardware and software issues. At Gigateks the bar is set high on the level of expertise and skill that is required to perform repair and support services. Other computer shops, including Apple corporate stores, don’t demand the same real-world experience that we require from our technicians. For example we require excellence in data recovery, Microsoft operating systems and software, networking, and third party applications.

Expect a Quick Turnaround Time

We offer express service and most repairs can be completed faster and for considerably less money than the Apple Store, and with more skill and expertise than the independent shops or other authorized service providers. No appointment is ever needed; call us when it is convenient for you and your schedule. Enjoy no lines or crowds and a unique customer focused experience.

We Support Windows on Macs

We’ve helped thousands of people running Windows on their Macs. Whether you’re running, Boot Camp, Parallels, VMware or other configurations, we can help with all the problems that come with Windows; including internet security, and malicious software repairs, Windows repair and reinstallation, training and tutoring, data recovery, management, conversions and migrations and more.


The Best Place to Get Mac Upgrades

Looking to upgrade your mac? The options are few and far between, as Apple does not offer upgrades after purchase, or sell any parts at retail. Many independent shops and stores lack expertise or keep limited to no parts on hand. At Gigateks we stock a large variety of upgrade parts, and as a result there is usually no need to wait for delivery or pay expedited shipping fees. Avoid paying high prices at some repair shop, or struggling through online with do-it-yourself guides.