Introducing Managed Antivirus from Gigateks!


What is Managed Antivirus?

Managed antivirus or Managed AV is antivirus run and administrated by a professional technician. For about the same cost as regular (unmanaged) antivirus, Gigateks professional technicians will proactively prevent viruses as well as update necessary databases and remove malicious software.

Some of the benefits of Managed AV from Gigateks:

    • 24/7 monitored antivirus by professional computer technician – Gigateks technicians will continuously monitor and act upon any security threat.
    • Centralized same level security – All computers will be updated against virus as soon as new definitions become available. No longer will you have to worry about updating it yourself.
    • Proactive – Protect your personal data. Managed AV prevents viruses before they have a chance to infect your computer.
    • Includes FREE! In-office computer tune-up – As often as you like, whenever you’d like!
    • Includes FREE! In-office virus/malware removal – In the rare case that your computer does get a virus/malware we will remove it for FREE!

In addition to the benefits outlined above, Managed AV includes Discounted On-Site Service! Professional on-site service is 50% OFF!

How much does Managed AV cost?

Managed AV is about the same as regular antivirus programs, but with the added benefits outlined above.

    • For one PC/Computer cost is $15.00 per month.
    • For more than one PC/Computer cost drops down to $10.00 per unit per month.