Have a small or medium sized business? Let us be your go-to tech support.

In today’s world, every business can benefit from technology. From uploading important data to the cloud, to making documents on a computer. Unfortunately the tools we rely on can stop working at the most inopportune times. Gigateks can support all your computer needs. Error messages, printers on the fritz, network issues, whatever your issue we can get you back to work.  

How It Works

Gigateks provides a wide variety of support options. 

If you have a staff that needs a lot of help with computer questions. We can set up remote software on your computers. Then you or your staff member call us or put a trouble ticket in. Gigateks can then provide quick and easy remote support to solve your issue. 

Maybe you have an issue that can’t be addressed through a remote link. No problem we are happy to provide over the phone or onsite support for those pesky computers that refuse to turn on. Or that router that keeps losing its network connection. 

We also have an office located in central Albuquerque. If there is ever a computer that’s too sick to fix onsite. We’ll bring it back to our office, diagnose and repair it. If its not viable to repair because of age, part availability or any other reason. We will advise you on how to best replace it in the most cost effective way. 

Remote Support

On Site

Over the Phone

At Our Shop

Whatever It Takes!

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