Whatever the issue with your computer we can help
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Gigateks can help with any brand of PC that you may have including laptops, desktops, and all-in-ones.

Is your computer Sick?

Maybe it won’t turn on, or is very slow. The computer may just need a good cleaning or it may be something more severe. Maybe its just time to upgrade the hardware. Bring it in for your free diagnosis, and Gigateks will help you to get back up and running.

Hardware and Software Soloutions

Gigateks can help with everything from fixing a bad Windows install to replacing that hard drive that died on you at the worst time. We will advise you on any upgrades we think will make your life easier


Malware is an umbrella term for malicious software. Any program or file that is harmful to a computer user. Types of malware can include computer viruses, worms, adware, and spyware. Do you have odd pop ups or does your normal browser page look different? You may have some sort of Malware. Call Gigateks and we can remove the bad guys software and help protect your data!

Custom Computers

Are you in the market for a new desktop computer but can’t find any computer that fits your needs? Are you a gamer that wants a new gaming rig with all the bells and whistles? GREAT! We can help. We can custom build a computer that fits your needs. Everything from a basic office pc to a gaming monster. Not sure what you need? No problem we can help you through deciding what hardware to purchase. 

Whatever your issue we can probably help

The Cloud

Storing your important data in the cloud is one of the smartest decisions you can make. It also makes accessing your data from anywhere possible. Gigateks can guide you in choosing cloud software, and assist you in moving your data over to it.


Network Attached Storage, Network Folders, Wifi, Wifi Printers, Mesh Internet. All of these can be frustrating and confusing to setup. We can do it for you. We'll get your network in tip top shape.

Remote Support

Gigateks offers remote help over the phone. We will give you a link that will allow us to access your computer. No need to drive here or have someone come to you, and its cheaper. Easy!

Smart Homes

Need help installing that new smart thermostat. Or setting up the software for your google home. Great! We can help!

Email, Microsoft Office, Social Media

Gigateks can help with your email questions, microsoft office problems, and social media questions.


Gigateks is available by appointment to ensure that our customers get the direct and personal attention they need. We block out the time to fix your problem and answer your questions. In office or on-site.