Apple Devices

Gigateks is happy to support your Apple devices for as long as possible. We are able to repair most problems that may occur with software, and some hardware issues. 

user experience

Are you new to the Apple Ecosystem? We can help you learn the new system. Help you transfer you’re old data to it. Or find solutions for software that may not transfer over.

Mac Repair

Gigateks can help with many Macbook and iMac repairs. Broken screens, bad keyboards, dying hard drives or just simple upgrades. Apple restricts hardware availability though, please scroll down to the bottom of the page to learn how you can help keep your devices repairable. Even after Apple has stopped supporting them. 

device Synchronization

We can help ensure that all of your devices work as well as possible with your Apple computer. Gigateks can help with initial setup and make sure your devices are working as they should be. 

Learn about The Right TO Repair.

You own your devices, don't let Apple stop you from keeping them in working order. Some manufacturers are making it harder to obtain replacement parts as well as making the hardware inaccessible. Apple is unfortunately one of the biggest opponents to your right to repair devices that belong to you. Click below to learn more about what is happening.